Inspiration #0

Woah, March has been flying by too fast! I haven’t been posting much to the blog lately because of travel (Last week SXSW, this week New Mexico). For now, I bring to you some weekly inspiration of articles, videos, and things I find interesting and thought provoking.

The Human OS by David Bryant (@davidbryant), Google Creative Lab, NYC

Steven Johnson and Kevin Kelly at the NYPL (The New York Public Library)

Note: The same talk can be heard in podcast form on at

The Power of Walking
Walking to discover innovation at the grassroots. The Shodh Yatra, organised by the Honey Bee Network, is a journey of discovery and exploration; in one week, walkers (farmers, scientists and researchers) travel hundreds of kilometres across rural India to unearth, share and disseminate sustainable solutions to local issues including conservation, organic farming and bio-diversity as well as health and nutrition.

The Hubble (Not the telescope :) )
New blog on social innovation and collaboration. Definitely one to add to your RSS.

Eythor Bender demos human exoskeletons
We are quickly approaching singularity from several directions. Here is where we are with performance enhancing exoskeletons. Where will we be in 5 years? 10 years?

Roboticists create tiny 3D printed flying insect robots
Just think of all the little creatures people (or machines with advanced AI) will someday create aka “print” from the elements of life.

xylem | growing venation by Nervous System

1bit Symphony

Ode to the Brain! by Symphony of Science
Autotune, the brain, Carl Sagan & TED all rolled up into some kind of wonderful.

Time lapse tutorial by Adam Colton

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